About Us

Nikrang saffron as a special company which is equipped with a professional and advanced laboratory to analyses saffron, has obtained a great number of certificates and export documents. Hence, recently it has been ready to export saffron to different areas around the world.
Individuals and companies that act as intermediaries between the producer and the customer make the most profit by selling saffron in bulk.
There are various Saffron Export Malls in Iran that sell saffron.
Among these centers, Nikrang saffron has been known as one of the best companies which export saffron internationally. All the saffron in this center is produced under the supervision and control of our experts and reaches the market without intermediaries.
The price of each saffron varies depending on the saffron type and quality. (Each type of saffron has 4 quality levels).
Please note that these prices are for purchases from 1 to 10 kg and for delivery within Iran.